Welcome on my Server!

I'm Mathieu Maret and I'm an IT system engineer from the ENSEEIHT
I'm currently working for Genymobile on project such as Genymotion
Previously, I've been working for OpenWide on projects in the embedded world such as RTEL4i or Android.
Then I've been working for DxO on embedded imaging solution.
For more information, my resume is available here
Personnal Projects
Gitlab : Android, config, home automation ...
Github : Sensors, Gameboy...

MicroJava : A MicroJava compiler
EasyAwareness : A context awareness framework for J2ME
Workplacement-manager : Workplacement manager for the University College of Cork (UCC)
MultiSmsSender Direct access to MultiSmsSender Git repository: The Android application for multi-sms sending
My resume : Francais/ English
Personnal webpage @ ENSEEIHT
LinkedIn github gitlab